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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kais Gold Buyers are the people you need to turn to when you want a transparent and fast processes that uses highly advanced screening and testing equipment.All items will be tested right in front of you and if you’re happy with the price we’ll give you cash on the spot.

How old do I have to be to sell items with you?

You must be at least 18 years old and bring with you proof of ID and a recent utility bill.

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How long does the process take?

It’s fast and easy. Testing and valuing is done while you wait and within five minutes you should know how much your item is worth.

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What exactly do you buy and sell?

We buy all types of jewellery items, including diamonds, gemstones, platinum, silver, gold nuggets and coins, and valuable ornaments both new and broken. We don’t buy non-precious items such as plastic, gold plated items, or semi-precious stones.

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How can I work out how much my gold is worth?

We’ll happily do that for you using the most modern technologies in store, but in most cases stamps are issued to indicate the alloy and gold content in your jewellery.

37.5% 9 Carat gold will usually have 9kt, 9k, 9ct or 375 stamped on it 58.5% 14 Carat gold will usually have 14kt, 14k, 14ct or 585 stamped on it 75% 18 Carat gold will usually have 18kt, 18k, 18ct or 750 stamped on it 91.6% 22 Carat gold will usually have 22kt, 22k, 22ct or 916 stamped on it 99.9% 24 Carat gold will usually have 24kt, 24k, 24ct or 999 stamped on it Platinum normally has Plat or 950PT Other Silvers normally have 800 Sterling Silver normally has 925 If your items are marked with SF, RG, GP or GF it means it is gold plated. We don’t deal in gold plated items.  

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